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From Auld Reekie to the Big Smoke

We are very excited to be on the move at Fisk. We have travelled down the well-used high road that leads so many “Scotchmen” to England. From Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie to London’s Big Smoke.

Our hearts and inspiration very much remain in the wynds and closes of Scotland’s towns and cities as well as the magnificent scenery we are blessed to have on our doorstep. But we have been increasingly aware of the need to be amongst our wonderful customers, and most of you are based in the south. While many adventurous souls have travelled north to see our beautiful furniture it was less a pop in for a chat, and more a “walk 500 miles to fall down at our door”.

So here we are! Newly arrived in the heart of Chelsea’s design district at Worlds End Studios on Lots Road. Our small but perfectly formed showroom is headed up by the lovely Amy who is at the heart of everything we do at Fisk and who will give you a warm welcome, regale you with the backstories to our unique designs and answer all your questions – as well as make a mean cup of coffee. We set up Fisk after many years trying to source quality furniture with more personality, and we are delighted that everyone who lays eyes on our pieces falls just as much in love with their wild romanticism as we are. As interiors journalist Beverley Brown commented, “Photographs can convey many things but when it comes to Fisk’s furniture, seeing has to be accompanied by repeated touching to appreciate the remarkable fusion of form and function.”

Visits are by appointment so that we can give you our undivided attention, so please do get in touch. With chairs as comfortable as ours you can come and visit, but you may never leave!